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History and Achievements

T.H.E. has been a leader in sex offender treatment since it opened in 1983 as an offense specific treatment program. This orientation took its initial inspiration from the new field of Domestic Violence, the introduction of penile plethsymography, and relapse prevention, all oriented towards enhancing public safety. Below is a list of T.H.E.’s evolutionary and leadership achievements:

1983 – Founder and former Executive Director, Greig M. Veeder, opened T.H.E.

1984 – Introduced Shared Living Arrangements for adult sex offenders. Started the demonstration that sex offenders on probation can reliably be safer living together than living with family, friends or alone, provided that they are managed using principles of a therapeutic community.

1988 – Introduced the use of polygraph into sex offender treatment in Colorado.

1992 – Helped create the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board

'92-'99 – Veeder served as Colorado’s mental health professional on the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board

1999 – Instituted the Life Management Association, the first Limited Liability Corporation owned by the sex offenders in the United States. The function of this corporation is to rent and manage apartments and houses which helps to enable sex offenders to live safely in the community.

2007 – Launched the Watch House Project for a sex offender community corrections program to reduce the use of costly and psychologically damaging prison.

2007-2011 – Introduced the Low-Risk Protocol, now legislatively required, to assess low risk sex offenders to enable the Colorado criminal justice system to identify low risk offenders so the state does not continue to impose unnecessary, intrusive and expensive management and treatment expectations.

2008 – Received Endorsement from Human Rights Watch, International Organization for the Watch House Project.

2014 – The Life Management Association became an S-Corp, Not for Profit, organization.

2014 – The founding Executive Director of T.H.E. retired and a new generation of leadership has stepped in ensuring the continuation of T.H.E.

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