THE logo Assisting adult sex offenders in redefining themselves,
redirecting their lives and reestablishing community ties.

Services & Programs


Offering the highest level of community support and containment, T.H.E. operates SLAs in the metro area. Peers are paired based on clinical needs and reside in housing they rent and pay for. The SLA system is run by peer elected Life Management Association (LMA) board members, an S Corporation, and they obtain leases for and manage the properties where clients reside. T.H.E. staff determine peer placement.
Having client/peers own and operate the LMA Board is not only unique , it enhances the interconnectedness within the therapeutic community of T.H.E. As a result, they depend on each other, support each other, and are accountable for each others’ activities everyday of the week.
This arrangement does much to solve the “where sex offenders can live” dilemma.